- Reports : For fabric and trims usage.

Reports that can easily sort
-Total Material Usage (for e.g. a particular fabric, zipper, trim etc) of a current season.
- Status (By date, progress etc.) of a particular material
- Total Cost of a particular Material
- Also capture history i.e. to compare previous season's data of all the above

Author: Krista Marternson, 27.02.2016, 14:03

In other words (another user's idea)

create purchase order for supplier based on BOM

Idea: The ability to create a purchase order or export for a particular supplier, based on the bill of material.

When sourcing materials a manual process is a bit of a pain. If we could create a purchase order or just an excel export for a particular supplier we could further streamline processes.

Specifically the requirement should be to create a PO/export for a style for each supplier.

For the style one could log total number of garments ordered (and perhaps order history if ordering repeat). Based on number of garments techpack would export the total number of items that had to be ordered from a particular supplier, across sizes.

To be effective the feature would have to be able to account for differences between sizes. E.g. Medium-Regular and Medium-Long using a slightly different length of CF zipper.

Author: Christian Saugmann, 03.10.2016, 03:00
Idea status: under consideration


Krista, 12.11.2016, 00:50
Is there a way to collect fabric usage across all styles using the fabric?

Is there a way to print out lists of styles by fabric style? In other words, sort data in different ways?.

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